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Employment Law changes in April 2016 (Absence Payments)

Absence payments unchanged, good and bad news!

April is that time of year that the government announces any changes to statutory pay rates for employees who take any absence from work.  This year, the news is that there is no news!  The rates have remained unchanged. 

So, good news for the business owner; no need to consider any rising cost of absence.  Bad news for the employee – any rising costs of medical treatments, or nappies will not be met.

However, the government cited that the reason for the lack of an increase is due to the continuing low rate of inflation – currently stagnant at 0.5%.  Yet with the forecasts set to see rates climb to over 2% in the next 12 months, let’s hope the policy makers stay true to form and introduce fair rises this time next year.  Watch this space!

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