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5 ways WORKPLACEone can save your business time and money


Your workplace is evolving at an astonishing rate, and you’re finding that things in the HR department are seemingly becoming more and more disorganised.

There are missing documents, unaccounted absences, unanswered holiday requests and more. Your HR department is overwhelmed, stressed, and their productivity has hit a low.

How do you, as a leader in the workplace, take charge and not only fix these issues, but prevent them from happening in the future?


WORKPLACEone by People Care HR is a revolutionary HR management system (HRMS) designed from the ground up to permanently solve your HR problems and streamline your HR process. 

Here are 5 ways WORKPLACEone can save your business time and money:

1. Simple Holiday and Absence Management

Sickness absence accounts for 90% of the absence bill for UK companies’ according to a study by Price Waterhouse Cooper, with sickness costing UK businesses an impressive £29 billion a year. The CIPD’s Annual Absence Management Survey Report 2015 shows that employees lose, on average, 8.3 days at work per year due to absences, which has increased by more than a day since the previous year.’

WORKPLACEone’s ‘Who’s Away’ tool is a comprehensive absence tracking software solution, able to track both holiday and sickness for full and part time employees. Managers can easily record absences as well as view statistical reports, and review their employees’ Bradford Factor. Employees on the system can easily request holiday from their personal entitlement, with emails being sent to managers to approve or disapprove of the absence.

‘Who’s Away’ simplifies your absence tracking, allowing managers to effectively deal with requests with just a few clicks.

2. Automate Notifications and Tasks

According to a study on employee behaviour, those who recorded their goals and reminded themselves of them often accomplished significantly more than those who didn’t.

ForgetMeNot’ is an intelligent, calendar driven actions-and-notifications system.
Able to run discreetly in the background, all users can effectively track their tasks through to completion, whilst automatically keeping fellow employees up-to-date on their progress.

Managers can stay in control at all times with automatic email notifications, sent straight to your phone for review or actioning at your own convenience.

3. Employee information, a few clicks away

The Knowledge’, is WORKPLACEone’s comprehensive database of employee information. Documents, including CVs, P45s, employee photos and reference letters can be securely uploaded and stored, with the option to share with other administrators. Record key events, promotions, salaries and much more to your own secure portal.

4. Full Flexible Benefits System

WORKPLACEone has a complete employee benefits platform. No matter the size of your business or your sector, employees with flexible benefits are happier and more productive, which means they get more work done and earn your company more money. In fact, a recent study showed that 82% of employees believed work-life balance programs would favourably impact their productivity. The Full Flexible Benefits platform allows employees to check what benefits they are getting, what benefits they could get, and how much these benefits are all worth.

5. Reduce the burden of compliance

Ensure all your employees are on the same page with WORKPLACEone’s automatic, calendar-driven Compliance Checker. Whether supporting external requirements, such as monitoring CPD under the FCA rules, or internal requirements, such as validating Right to Work documents, Compliance Checker can be incredibly useful. Easily set vital induction tasks for new employees, and ensure key tasks are logged and compliance tasks completed.

Compliance Checker works with the Calendar to send reminders if needed, and deadlines can be set up to ensure a schedule is kept to.

And don’t forget WORKPLACEone is the only system with fully integrated full flexible benefits!

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