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5 Excuses For A Company Christmas Party


As you know, People Care is all about helping you keep your HR department happy and engaged. Christmas is here again, and hosting a company Christmas party can be a great way to entertain employees and show you care for their wellbeing.

Widely regarded as the biggest social event in the calendar, the Christmas party is eagerly anticipated by clients and colleagues alike. But with pockets being pinched and budgets taking a battering, can you really justify the expense on such an elaborate affair?  

If you haven’t yet got a Christmas party booked, maybe you can make use of these excuses!

5 Good Excuses For A Company Christmas Party

  1. It brings the team together

A festive get together encourages employees and managers to mingle outside of the workplace, boosting company morale and creating new opportunities for workplace collaboration. Employees who might not otherwise communicate will have a great opportunity to get to know each other (though perhaps a little too much after a few drinks)! 

  1. There are tax benefits to hosting a company Christmas party.

Yes you read that correctly, HRMC actually want you to let your hair down and have a good time! The cost of the party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, a budget per head of £125 is less than 0.5% of the average UK employee’s salary. Invest in your people’s happiness, it’s effective leverage to make them work harder in 2017!

  1. It’s a thank you from management to the staff of all their hard work throughout the year

Not to host a Christmas Party sends out a negative message, leaving employee feeling unappreciated. Your staff are the life line to your business and rewarding them for their efforts will only lead to a happier workplace and healthier bottom line. 

  1. It provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on business success.

A Christmas Jolly provides the perfect opportunity to reflect at the end of the year and make new plans for the next. The opportunity to celebrate individual or department success it there too, so you can leave everyone feeling valued and accomplished! Even the photocopying guy! 

  1. Events such as company Christmas parties improve staff retention

Show your employees they are valued, respected and deserve a good break from their hard work! Everyone values an occasional drink (or ten) on the company, and what better way to bribe your team to stay with than with video footage of them chatting up the coat stand from the year before? 

So now we’ve equipped you with some points of persuasion, what are you waiting for?
Get an impromptu Christmas party sorted if you haven’t already, time is running out!

Whether you party this year or not, Merry Christmas from People Care!