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5 common HR issues and how to solve them


Every HR team faces challenges both in the running of their department and in the consistent enforcement of policies across the company in general. Here are some of the common issues facing HR professionals in the UK and how they can be addressed:

Budget constraints

Budgets across companies have been hit, nationwide, partly due to worries over Brexit. If your company has limited funds for recruitment, training and personal development, you’ll need to be creative with your approach. 

Be comfortable negotiating prices with training organisations, or search for local freelancers who can visit your offices and train the whole team. You’ll have to develop advanced financial management and budgetary skills to make your budget stretch. Our team of HR consultants are available to guide you through this process, as well as ensure your HR operations are delivering the best value for your organisation through these challenging times.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process requires incredible focus and organisation to keep on top of the various job specifications, incoming CVs, as well as the management of the recruitment process itself. For this reason, having a system to track CVs, interview offers, appointments and rejections is key. WORKPLACEone’s automated recruitment manager is specifically built for this task, taking a big burden off your shoulders.

Retaining talent in the workplace

A good turnover rate is generally anything below 15% a year. Once you’ve spent the time, money and energy employing and training the right people, your next responsibility is to make sure they stay.

Staff turnover rates are based on multiple variables, including available employee benefits, workload, company culture, internal communication, salary, personal development and much, much more. Each individual employee will place a different significance on each of these factors, but you can assess how much weight each carries by conducting individual interviews. This can help the company tailor its approach to the employee and decrease the overall turnover rate.

One great way to decrease staff turnover is to introduce flexible benefits into the workplace.
WORKPLACEone can offer a highly valued package of flexible benefits, superbly communicated and administered for your whole team. Rewarding your team with salary sacrifice options, healthcare or discounted gyms and shopping is proven to improve employee retention and boost morale and productivity.


As a HR professional, it’s quite likely you’re working with the accounts department to ensure salary payments are accurate, new employees have been added and stored information on bonuses, pension deductions and sick pay are up to date.
You can streamline all these process by implementing an online HR system. The majority of these systems will easily export changes into your payroll system, so the process becomes faster and more automated.

WORKPLACEone’s Payroll Manager is an ideal solution. Allowing the periodic creation of output files in Excel format, which can then be easily uploaded to your payroll system. The module also incorporates Payslips Online, which automatically retrieves and hosts electronic payslips, p60s and other payroll documentation.

Day to day HR 

Noting absences, calculating holiday pay, approving annual leave, logging personal development plans, arranging appraisals, managing expenses and more!

The work of a HR professional never ends, and sometimes it can get too much. Life doesn’t have to be this difficult! You could work faster and smarter using HR software to streamline all your daily tasks. Why not book a free demo of WORKPLACEone to see just how much time and money our online HR management system could save you?