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60 Seconds with Jane Roberts

Following her move to join People Care HR as Business Development Manager, we put Jane Roberts under the spotlight for 60 seconds…

You recently joined People Care HR from a digital recruitment background. Could you tell us more about your new role?
At People Care HR I represent WORKPLACEone, a state of the art Human Resources Management System, developed using the latest online technology to deliver an agile and cost-effective solution for busy HR professionals. My role is to generate new business opportunities and develop customer relationships through cold calls, email campaigns, web demos, social media and exhibitions.

Are there are any specific areas that you are proud of in WORKPLACEone?
The whole system is extremely intelligent, sophisticated and powerful yet simple, easy to use and comprehensive. There are some great exciting modules including TellMe a powerful but simple report writer which allows administrators to quickly interrogate the data and produce meaningful reports. FormFriend in our Communicator module has the ability to easily create and attach staff surveys. There is a huge potential to collate important information from your employees quickly and easily.

How important is WORKPLACEone to HR Managers?
WORKPLACEone is ever evolving, regularly being updated as we learn from our clients and try to meet their ever increasing needs and requirements. Our clients range from SME’s to large corporate companies but the needs are still the same: lighten your workload, streamline your workflow and simplify and automate your people management. WORKPLACEone makes such a difference to HR Managers and their company staff making their working day easier and more productive.
A recent comment from a client was ‘A simple, cost effective solution and a very flexible tool’.

If you could point out one thing you love about People Care HR, what would it be?
The people – a great team of highly trained intelligent individuals who are experts in their field as well as being great fun and friendly. They are constantly learning and exploring new ideas to meet their client’s needs. Such a great team which I’m proud to be part of.

What is your favourite motto?
Plus est en vous – There is more in you.

For more information and to book a demo on WORKPLACEone call 0203 714 4346