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Integrated HRMS and Flexible Benefits

A typical workplace solution consists of an HR system, which captures the core employee data and manages holidays, sickness, personal development etc; and a separate flexible benefits platform that communicates the benefit options and captures employee selections.

Rarely are these platforms connected, both have a database that needs updating, and typically the output from both is fed separately into payroll.

This gives rise to a number of issues - poor data integrity, numerous logins for employees and administrators, duplication of many tasks, inconsistency in security..

Avantus's WorkplaceOne is a truly-integrated platform, delivering both an HR Management and Flexible Benefits solution. Enhanced communication features ensure for an engaging journey for the employee.

WorkplaceOne - one database to update, one log-in, one set of reports, one secure environment, and one excellent provider!

Naturally, our consultants would be delighted to extol the virtues of our dynamic product. Please contact us using the contact form, or by phone 020 3714 4346