Expenses Manager

undefined Employees have more purchasing power than ever before, which makes it challenging to control costs and cash flow, and highlights the need for powerful Expenses Manager software which is both affordable and easy to use.

The Avantus Expenses Manager software system allows you to configure your own expenses forms, which can be completed online by your employees, then automatically submitted for approval and processing.

Attach and record receipts against your expenses and eliminate paper-based processes and shuffling supplier invoices around the office.

An example of how expense claims are recorded in the employee expense software module:

Expenses manager example

Expense Manager Features

  • Standard or Bespoke Templates Tailor your own expenses forms to cater for the demands of your team
  • Save Time Automating expense, travel and invoice processes enables employees to make the best decisions for the business, save time and stay focused on their jobs
  • 24/7/365 Access Upload your expenses anytime, anywhere to accelerate and improve expense management from start to finish
  • Stay Consolidated Keep all expenses and data in one place for easy tracking and reporting

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