Automatic Notifications and Tasks

 undefined Running discreetly in the background is ForgetMeNot: an intelligent, calendar-driven multi-purpose actions-and-notifications system.

Available to all users, incorporating comprehensive and configurable Starter and Leaver Processes.

With automatic notifications and easy access to the team calendars and employee information, line managers will find it easier to keep track of team absences, and ensure appropriate resources are in place.

Stay in control at all times with automatic email notifications being sent to your phone for actioning at your own convenience.

ForgetMeNot Features

  • Email Notifications - Set automatic email notifications for when you or team members need to stay updated
  • Set Tasks - Set actions for specific groups or team members to complete and monitor progress
  • Save Time - Automatically notify team members of new requests and tasks
  • Never miss a date - Stay notified of everything from probationary periods and visa renewals to upcoming departures or birthday celebrations

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