Report Writer

undefined A powerful but simple report writer, TellMe, allows administrators to quickly interrogate the data and produce complex and meaningful reports which can be named and saved as reporting templates for both regular use and creating future variants.

Very complex reports can be created on behalf of the customer as a bespoke exercise.

The ability to schedule reports gives you one less thing to think about.  WORKPLACEone will deliver a link to crucial data in the right format at the right time, straight to your inbox.  This is ideal for Budgeting and Forecasting, with all outputs compatible with Excel.

An example of how the reports are listed in your admin section:

screengrab of Report writer

TellMe Features

  • Standard or Bespoke Report Templates - Design and create reports that are specific and useful to your team and easy to analyse
  • Export Data - Export data that is compatible with Excel which is ideal for Budgeting and Forecasting

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