Imagine having the time to get back to do more of the human side of HR. Get back the time to strategize, plan, recruit and manage talent; the time to re-imagine and plan the future rather than react to it.

Aside from the efficiency and time saving for the HR team, think of the productivity increase and 'hassle reduction' for everyone. No more trawling the intranet or reading staff handbooks. It's accurate information, on demand.

Why Not Try out Whitley?

 We use artificial intelligence to learn the answers to your most common questions and teach Whitley to answer them instantly.

24 hours a day, seven days per week. 

Free up resources and get to the more important things, so you can be there for people when they need to chat

Simple to get going, give us your staff handbook and policies and well start teaching Whitley!

  • On Demand Assistance to all staff
  • Multi-task
  • Affordable
  • Confidential Conversations
  • Easy to hire

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